Neeraj Patki

Imagine hiking in a mountain range, surrounded by the deep rain forest. While walking on the trail, you hear rhythmic sounds of crickets chirping & raindrops falling on the leaves.
In a distance,  numerous waterfalls stream through a maze of mossy rocks & sound of water falling is getting louder as you walk towards it. You know in this moment, that this is an experience, you’ll never forget.

A photograph can convey all of this to someone who has never been there, not just how it looked – but how it felt in a place. I hope my photos can inspire such notion.

I started photography when I was 24 and it’s always been fueled by my travels. However, my trip to New Zealand was a complete game-changer. Truly inspired by beauty of the middle-earth, my photography switched into a different gear.

Whenever I travel, I am easily amazed by experiences, from food to culture, and by the diversity of our world. So I strive to make images that can provide the viewers a sense of being on location and immerse them into a different world without actually leaving their own.

I live with my wife and daughter in Chicago, who share my love for outdoors. While not on a trip, we indulge into culinary delights in and around Chicago, drinking coffee and wandering in bookstores.